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Posted by darbyjack - July 15th, 2014

Well a lot of has happened and changed since my last post. Still making music though. Always doing that! 





Posted by darbyjack - November 30th, 2009

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my profile and checking out my music.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name's Jack Darby and I'm from London, England. I don't have a lot going for me in life apart from my music perhaps, but even then, there's only a slim chance of making something big out of it. I finished school at 18 and went straight into the job market, landing a job as telemarketer (basically the annoying salesmen who keep ringing your phone, selling you crap that you don't want. If any of you received a call from me, I sincerely apologise lol...)

Right now I'm currently saving up to climb up to Mt Everest's base camp and raise some money for charity in Spring 2010. If all goes well, I'll apply for the Royal Air Force and sign my life away. Wish me luck I get in!

Between now and then... Just maybe... I can make something of the music I've composed. I'm going to give it a shot - if you like my music, please share it around. Spread it like AIDS! If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to enlighten me! I need to come up with a good idea for a video that could be the next big YouTube hit? I don't know...

I've had a Newgrounds account since 2003, but I think going for a fresh start will be good.

My username on Youtube is Darbyjack. There's a few bits of music and some prank calls... Nothing much at the moment, but I will be filling it up with more stuff soon.

On a side note... I am almost 20 years old. Feels weird man. No more teenage years. Life better work out!