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Entry #2

Hello world

2014-07-15 06:25:30 by darbyjack

Well a lot of has happened and changed since my last post. Still making music though. Always doing that!




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2015-02-20 07:55:49

Your music is amazing man
Please keep making more

darbyjack responds:

Thank you. Keep an eye on this page later this year there's a lot more better stuff to come!


2016-11-13 04:36:53

You bastard. I keep coming back here to listen to your shit and youve dropped off the face of the UK!!!

Get your ass back here and remake Luck so Lame. I love it so much that Ive put up with the shit quality for 7 freaking years (intermittently)

Brit Pop man. You do it well.

Make this serviceman happy with an awesome Brit Pop album


2016-11-13 04:37:59

And don't even think about uploading something that's recorded with a drunken potsto!!!!